Venues BizDev Manager, BMAT

We love music. It makes our lives a zillion times better. And we want to give something back to her (yes, to us music is a lady). Make her life easier and her future brighter. We apply our scientific, data-infused brains to tell everyone what music has been played – so that creators get the recognition they deserve. We hear everything everywhere and tell everyone who wants to know. ‘What plays around will come back around’ we say. We believe by helping this happen we can make a positive change in the music ecosystem and enjoy talent for another million years.

We are a team that enjoys working with each other. We’re open-minded and well-travelled, coming from all parts of the world. We like coffee, tea, chai, and mate all the same. We’ve got rappers, producers, cello players, DJs, and songwriters. The passion for music, the excitement for technology and Barcelona as a backdrop has proven to be a good combination.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Sales at BMAT spans the regional teams situated locally in the territories that they represent, the vertical teams developing and providing the BMAT products and services and the executive directors. Sales is a process of client development through which we identify visionary clients, test hypotheses, proactively listen to feedback to deeply understand their needs, and creatively and kindly convince them that our innovations are not hallucinations.

  • Managing market information databases

  • Global market research to identify trends and potential opportunities

  • Preparing and communicating weekly news for all sales representatives

  • Working on content for client and sales newsletters, twitter and blog

  • Bi weekly meetings with sales representatives to identify opportunities

  • Understanding functioning of our products, services and new developments

  • Identifying potential opportunities, pitching, in-depth information gathering

  • Preparing presentations, proposals, cost estimations and pricing

  • Leading calls, meetings locally and internationally with potential clients

  • Attending industry conferences and targeting prospects via attendee lists

  • Developing strong and honest relationships with all clients and potential clients

  • Managing regular contact with all clients and potential clients

  • Managing full sales process up to invoicing

  • Working with both the Legal and Accounts Teams

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

Is excited about technology and passionate about music

  • Enjoys research and investigation

  • Enjoys learning and consistently growing their knowledge base

  • Great with numbers

  • Has an eye for identifying opportunities and thinks strategically

  • Enjoys leading meetings, presenting, pitching

  • Highly organised with strong attention to detail

  • Is highly personable and enjoys cooperating with various teams

  • Enjoys working independently and thrives on autonomy, self-motivated

  • Enjoys meeting new people and travelling

  • Introverted, entrepreneurial and transparent

  • Speaks English, Spanish and Italian

What we offer:

  • Full-time employment

  • Freedom to chose your working hours and where you will work

  • Daily, weekly and monthly progress meetings with the team

  • Quarterly progress meetings with the company in Barcelona

  • Monthly feedback meetings

  • Client visits and conference trips throughout the year

  • Courses and workshops to work on skills and expand your knowledge

  • BMAT Sounds charitable Christmas concert at BARTS

  • (If you are based in Barcelona) lunches celebrating our successes

  • (If you are based in Barcelona) instrument room to jam with colleagues

  • (If you are based in Barcelona) workshops to learn non-work-related skills


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