Marketing Director, Mom+Pop, New York (NY)

In a 12-person label, everyone does what they do and also what they love beyond that. People here are passionate about music, hard working and invested in each other and the label. Mom+Pop want/need somebody with music experience who has trafficked the landscape. Background could be at an agency, label, publishing, touring, promoter, etc. To simplify, 2 years of experience would be necessary...reason being is that this position touches all the areas of music business listed above, with an understanding of the landscape and personalities.

In this role, you’d be following someone who did it for 3+ years, showed great finesse with staff, discretion, pride and motivation. On top of that, scouted and brought us bands, 2 of which we all signed. She’s done doing my air traffic control and was promoted to full-time A&R. This role is a great hybrid job for anyone who wants to be right in the middle of it all. There is a roster of 18 artists, a staff of 12 employees, and a desire to grow both.

Please know this job/business is a lifestyle and cuts both ways. They trust their instincts to be mindful of people having balance in their lives and are generous with time off. That said if you don’t enjoy the lifestyle and music, meaning long hours some days and shows that sometimes fall on the weekend, this might not be what you want.

You’ll have access and insight to confidential information, business, etc. which will require discretion. The good news is you’ll learn so much about how a small business is run. By managing that information, you’ll learn more at this role than we could possibly articulate here.


  • Interaction with Staff: Responsible for keeping and organizing all informationn from staff. Work collaboratively and productively.
  • Run Calls: Prioritizing which ones in which order. Being polite, succinct and persuasive when need be.
  • Meetings: Organizing and coordinating meetings with music industry clientele, assistants, etc.
  • Travel: Coordinating flights, cars, hotels, transportation, festivals passes, etc.
  • Music: Back up and organize A&R on music library.
  • Contact/Data Base: Updating and organizing on a consistent basis. It's the lifeblood of any business.
  • Access to highly important financial and company business. Discretion and protection are a necessity as this information is imperative.


  • Must have a minimum of 2 years working experience in the music/entertainment industry.
  • Organization: Attention to detail is crucial. Able to multi-task on a number of different projects at once. Take the extra steps when appropriate.
  • Discretion: Handling proprietary information.
  • Proactive: Critical.
  • Music Passion: This is a lifestyle job. If you don’t live it and love it, this is not the job for you.


  • Good with technology, organizing within music library and other formats, savvy with Microsoft and Apple products, etc.
  • People Skills: Excel in dealing with planes with no seats, restaurants with no tables and hotels with no rooms. Someone that can turn “no’s” into “yeses”.
  • Communication: Responsive and good at it.


Please send your resume and, more importantly, a cover letter that can touch on giving them a snapshot of who you are. This cover letter is weighted more than the resume. Please send everything to