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This is a survey for all those interested in taking part in’s 2018-2019 mentoring scheme: she.grows. The aim of this scheme is to match together mentors and mentees in order to create a support network of role models for women in the music industry.

Please note that all applications will be treated with the strictest of confidence.

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This is for data collection purposes; we want to ensure our community is as diverse as possible and address this issue if it isn't.
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Section 3: Commitments

*by signing up to this mentorship scheme you commit to a 4 month programme requiring a minimum of 1 hour a month* this programme is solely aimed to assist and help mentees by providing access to a mentorship scheme* is not party to any mentoring relationship and all participants take part in this programme of their own will* do not make any representations or warranties with regard to any information and/or advice provided as part of this programme* she accept no responsibility or legal liability for any information and/or advice provided,  for any actions taken, or for any losses howsoever arising, as part of or as a result of this programme* mentees expressly accept it is solely their responsibility to obtain relevant professional advice and that any information and/or advice provided as part of this programme is not intended to be relied upon as a substitute for such professional advice* reserve the right to exclude any members who abuse their position in this programme* 

Thank you for completing the questionnaire. Please note that the success of your application will be reliant on us finding a suitable mentor/mentee pairing. We will endeavour to let you know whether your application is successful as soon as possible.


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