Huffington Post, UK,  "11 Women Fighting Sexism In The Music Industry", 30 March 2016  - Read more

El Pais, Spain, "The Feminist Debate at Glastonbury Festival", 24 June 2016 - Read more

LA Weekly, USA, "How Women Are Smashing Misogyny In The Music Industry", 6 July 2016 - Read more

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ABOUT is a curated network of women with active roles in the music industry. Our vision is to create an environment that supports collaboration, creativity and positive values. 

Established in September 2014, has grown to over 800 members worldwide in less than a year. Our members are a balanced mix of medium to high profile industry women across all sectors of the industry from PR to management to music tech to record labels. With the majority of our members hailing from London and LA, we're continuing to grow our community across other key music cities including NYC, Chicago, Montreal, Berlin and other European cities.
Since its beginnings in London has become a place where members can openly ask for advice, share jobs and events and announce new projects. There are currently over 1600 members worldwide.


  • To break down gender stereotypes within the music industry by encouraging role models for future generations
  • To raise awareness of the gender gap and to ensure that women are aware that support is available to them throughout their career
  • To increase the profile of women who are making an impact in the music industry
  • To increase the number of women with active roles in the music industry across all its verticals

Every month a panel lead discussion takes place at Shoreditch House in London and at Soho House in Los Angeles, with topics covering all sectors of the music industry. Past events have included career coaching workshops, panels, roundtable discussions etc. All meetings include a Q&A and the opportunity to network. Quarterly events also take place in Belgium with support from local music and media partners, lead by Eline Van Audenaerde.

Previous speakers included executives from various companies such as: PRS, The Beggars Group, Mute Records, Spotify, Soundcloud, Boiler Room, Universal Music Group, Three Six Zero, Roc Nation, SFX, Atom Factory, Monotone etc. is currently planning to launch new speaker sessions in Berlin and NYC at Soho House in 2016. 



We curate and speak on panels aimed at promoting exceptional work by women in the music industry. We also organize networking events for its members and extended family, as well as showcases that shed a light on talented female artists and/or their representatives.
Previous conferences have included Amsterdam Dance Event, M For Montreal, IMS, Further Future, SXSW, Bloc and more to be announced.


EVENTS - 2016


  • Jan 18 - SSSO #15 London @ Bethnal Hall, Town Hall Hotel 

Body and Mind - an introduction to contemporary dance by Neon Dance

  • Jan 22 - #SSSOLA3 @ Soho House West Hollywood 

Philanthropy in the music industry 

  • Feb 1 - SSSO #16 London @ Shoreditch House 

House Health vs Hedonism in the music industry : Breaking the taboo

  • Feb 17 - #SSSOLA4 @ Soho House West Hollywood

Q&A with Soulection + DJ set - The Sound of Tomorrow 

  • March 8 - #SSSOLA5 @ Soho House West Hollywood

Workshop: Creativity, Imagination & Play

Behind The Scenes: In conversation with everyone BUT the artist (presented by Red Bull)

  • March 13 - SSSO #17 London @ Shoreditch House 

Performance Series: An evening of piano and key performances in celebration of Piano Day 2016

  • April 16 - SSSO Belgium #4 @ LISTEN, a Brussels Future Music Festival

Girls, Geeks & Music: Where are the Female Producers?

  • April 20 - SSSO #18 London @Shoreditch House

Music Supervisor: Roundtable

  • May 17 - SSSO #19 London @Shoreditch House

Copyright in the digital age: New Kids on the Blockchain

  • June 13 - SSSO #20 London @Shoredtich House

Performance Series: An evening of electronic music (with Arctic Lake, Yerosha, Anu)

  • July 4 - SSSO #21 London @Shoredtich House

The Future of Music Marketing: Partnerships, Influencers & Technology


Conferences/Festival Partnerships:

  • August 12-13 @ Caribbean Dance Music 

How to develop your brand as an artist - digital tips and tricks

  • June 4 - panel @ AVA Festival (Belfast, IRL)

Women in Electronic Music

Curated various speakers for their Vision Speaker series with executives from Magic Leap, Atom Factory, Specular Theory, Permutation Ventures, etc.

  • May 25-27 - 'Diversity in Electronic Music' panel at International Music Summit  (Ibiza, ES)

The panel aimed to tackle the big subject - women and their role in the industry. Featuring: B.Traits (Artist), Jackie Antas (Live Nation), José Woldring (The Media Nanny), Lucy Blair (The Orchard), Maria May (CAA), Nicole Moudaber (Artist). Moderated by Mark Lawrence (AFEM: Association for Electronic Music)

Girls, Geeks & Music: Where are the female producers?

  • March 16-19 - Mentorship @ SXSW (USA) founder Andreea Magdalina had a mentor placement throughout the festival

Fostering Female Community In Electronic Music

Curated and developed six month mentorship program for the winner with executives from Three Six Zero, Island Records, Deckstar, WME, Fame House, and Sonar. 

Curated panel - moderated by Joshua Glazer (Thump), featuring panelists AJ Calzada (XLR8R), Mahssa Taghinia (Mount Analog), Constantin Köhncke (Native Instruments) and Perera Elsewhere (FoF) 

For 2015 events please click here.