Sales Director, Syncsmith

Syncsmith are looking for a Sales Director and an absolute superstar. They must be super-motivated and able to demonstrate a credible network throughout creative agencies and brand space.

The successful candidate will be a highly regarded player within the creative domain, in exchange for a market-leading salary and an annual performance based dividend share, they will be responsible for increasing market share by initiating strategic growth plans, developing enduring relationships and management of key accounts across the creative markets. With access to a unique and diverse creative repertoire, the candidate will exploit their knowledge, networks and expertise of the creative world by creating sync opportunities for artistic composition as well as the ongoing representation of back catalogue. As this is predominantly a sales role it will not be bound by location and the ideal candidate will be willing to work from home, london, bristol or roaming location. This newly created position will be responsible for supporting the identification, development and negotiation of co-brand and strategic partnerships for Syncsmith across premium brands and agencies. The candidate must be knowledgeable in the music world but acutely aware of new developments in the brand space as well.  


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