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Aneesha Kotwani India | LinkedIn

Aneesha Kotwani is the founder and owner of Mumbai based events company WAVLNGTH that cater to providing experiences to their audience via organising country wide tours for artists from all over the world. In conjunction, she is also a music blogger and writes content around topics of interest or those that are contextual around her work. Apart from the world of events, Aneesha runs a project with her friend called Humans of Music, a Humans of Music inspired project covering the journey of musicians from all over the world and also represents the Indian Market for Youtube based content/music channel COLORS. Her dream is to travel all over the world and explore music cultures, learn, immerse, experience and share it back home with people in India at the same time position herself as global music consultant who can offer her services working across interesting projects suited to her skill set and be the middle-man to promote exchange between the east and the west!