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Dor Wand Bay Area | LinkedIn

Dor Wand is the Founder of Fault Radio, an Oakland based online radio station, and a jack of all trades for music companies and music-tech startups (TribeVR and Second Line Vinyl). His experience with unique marketing, event management and the business of music has been his long time passion and career for the past 10 years across the US, UK and the EU.

Currently located in the Oakland, CA, He joined as an executive producer for the Bay Area's chapter. For almost a decade, Dor has been involved in the music industry; He worked for Ninja Tune (Coldcut’s disaple and Ninja Jamm iOS community manager) and worked on multiple music events and festivals (Boiler Room Tel Aviv, OV London, SoundwaveSF, Glade, SGP, Gray Area). As one of the first male members of, Dor is keen on learning and understanding how to make an impact and spread the message of through the eyes of a man.