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Dundee Maghen Bay Area | LinkedIn

Dundee Maghen is the Co-Founder of Fault Radio, an Oakland based online radio station, and a Marketing Manager for music companies and music-tech startups. Her experience with marketing is based on both business and academic backgrounds, as well on her personal interests in music, culture, and technology.

 Currently located in the Bay Area CA, she joined and became the Community Director for the Bay Area's chapter. For the past six years, Dundee has been involved in the music industry; she worked with several music agencies (Surefire Agency, MEM Artists, Raw Tapes) as well in the production of multiple music events and festivals (Sound Ports Festival, Sit & Listen, MUTEK SF). Dundee also holds a Master's in History with a specialty in the history of music; her thesis is a historical-materialistic inquiry of the record during the Disco era.