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Emma Lee London | LinkedIn

Artist, marketer, and musical activist, Emma Lee began her career as a singer and performer for Basement Jaxx back in 2013. Since then her adventures have led her to work for VICE media magazine and the Korean embassy focusing on culture, whilst creating her very own agency specialised in music marketing & branding, Eelee.

A strong believer in diversity, Emma wishes to give something back to the world. Through organising educational workshops, panels and mentoring programs at, she strives to bridge the gap between communities that might be

under-represented within the music industry. Born in the Southern Korean capital of Seoul, and raised in Beijing, Emma quickly grew a love to travel, seeing her first set her bags down in New York, before making her way to London, the place she now calls home.

Over the years Emma's passion for music and curiosity have led her all around the world, visiting new countries and meeting new people. With each experience comes great knowledge and inspiration. Emma's journey is fascinating and not short of surprises.