We (Clare and Sarah) are mamas of a gorgeous 4 year old and 8 month old (Clare) and a gorgeous 3 year old (Sarah). Our children are our world and finding the right balance between being a mum, having a career and juggling things like touring, promo trips, gigs, work/life balance, mothers/maternity rights, surviving on meagre maternity pay (or none if you are self employed), how to deal when your kid gets chicken pox/colds/temperature and you’ve got 2 sick days off left etc etc not to mention MOTHERS GUILT can all be rather challenging, especially when you’re trying to make it all look seamless! We are better together so we thought creating a space for mums to be able to seek advice, have brutally honest chats, vent, laugh, cry, check you are not going mad, would be a good idea and who better to team up with that She Said So - the pioneering awesome network of women who work in the music biz. Over the coming months we will be hosting various events at wonderful venues (at appropriate times) that your children are welcome to come or not come to, totally your choice. More on that and those soon!