Facebook | Instagram Mumbai was introduced in May 2018 in response to fostering and nurturing capable women to envision and encourage them to pursue a career in the music industry. The music industry in India has grown by miles over the last 5 years but in comparison to the rest of the world, we are still an emerging market.

With the traditions and cultures of India leaning more towards parents wanting their children to pursue traditional career paths, it is important to shed light and give importance to alternative creative verticals that can also serve as a means to an end. India kick started their operations with covering stories of women in music from an artist and industry profession as a part of the ‘That’s what she said’ campaign with Humans of Music. With successfully getting a few committee members on board, 2019 holds a lot of activities for the group in the form of collaborations with Soho House, Mumbai Music Week in Mumbai and college activations across key/relevant colleges in metropolitan cities to introduce different music career options to the students. We aim to base our foundation on a mutual exchange of opinions and moreover make our environment a safe space for all the women giving them more confidence to pursue their ambitions.