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11 Women Fighting Sexism In The Music Industry

"It's been an incredible tool for empowering women music executives - our speaker events are a catalyst for conversation, increasing the profile of women who are making an impact in the industry around the world."


El Pais, Spain

The Feminist Debate at Glastonbury Festival

Many festivals are now more aware of the lack of diversity in programming, especially from a gender perspective," says Andrea Magdalina, founder of the group Shesaid.so, a global network that brings together women in the music industry.


LA Weekly, USA

How Women Are Smashing Misogyny in the Music Business

Andreea Magdalina is taking a like-minded approach in her effort to band women together. Three years ago, at the age of 24, she was vice president of content at Mixcloud, a music streaming service based in London.

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Guardian, Trinidad & Tobago

Defining Caribbean Dance Music

The keynote speak­er is An­dreea Mag­dali­na, founder of she­said.so, an all-fe­male foun­da­tion that sup­ports women in the mu­sic in­dus­try, and for­mer VP of Con­tent at Mix­Cloud.

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IMS: Female DJs deal with gender imbalance

From being paid less to sexual harassment, women working in the dance music industry have historically found it more difficult to rise to the top than men.

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Why BBC Introducing’s Amplify event is the must-see for aspiring artists

‘“For example the shesaidso network, Facebook group Audio Grrlz & Festival Republic and PRS’ new focus project, Re-Balance [but] I still think there’s more work to be done to inspire and coach girls from a young age to achieve their dream jobs in the industry.”



SheSaid.So wants to make sure music isn't just a boys' club anymore

"We wanted to replicate the spaces where men do business — the strip club, the golf course, the whiskey bar. Guys get together and do big deals there, so we wanted to create that space digitally," said Andreea Magdalina, the founder of SheSaid.So. "This is a solution for women's barriers to entry."

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Photos of the Best Moments from Noisey's Emerge Impact + Music Fest


LE MONDE, France

Freedom, equality, sorority: the boom of feminist collectives

“Making contact, exchanging good plans, collective sessions of media training with a coach: ‘There is a need to take confidence in the glass ceiling - the one that exists and the one we put ourselves. The collective allows us to learn to say: "We are here, we are legitimate’ , explains Yael Chiara, brand manager (product promotion) at Pias and founder of the French section of shesaid.so.”

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i-D, UK

shesaid.so and madame gandhi on why the future of music is female

“For the first in a series of filmed shesaid.so talks, Madame Gandhi -- LA-based artist, producer, gender equality activist, Harvard graduate, free-bleeding marathon runner and drummer for M.I.A -- was interviewed by music industry veteran Christine Mehr. Shot in the non-profit CA studio Zoo Labs, where Madame Gandhi recorded her Voices EP , we’re excited to share an exclusive first-look at the fascinating shesaid.so-produced video with you today.”



15 Industry figures tell us how to combat sexism and harassment in dance music

“If more women are represented in leadership roles this will create a working environment that is inclusive and one that makes it difficult for abusive behaviour to thrive. Communities like shesaidso make it easier for women to find support, mentoring, advice and thus increases the chances that these women will end up in those leading positions.”

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Tech’s giving women a voice in music and it’s long overdue

“It’s a challenge shesaid.so, a support network for women in the industry, is tackling head on.”



Why Airbnb Is A Dark Horse In Live Music's Intimate Future

“A lot of local talent in the Bay Area has been pushed out by the tech sector, so it’s nice to see someone like Airbnb who’s registered so much success offering a solution for the artist community,” Andreea Magdalina, Founder of shesaid.so



Recording Academy President Neil Portnow stepping down in 2019

“The people in power have been a bottleneck for change,” said Andreea Magdalina, the founder of shesaid.so, a networking and advocacy group for women in the music industry. “By bringing someone else on board, maybe the process of voting and how the winners are selected will change as well. Having allies in power will have a domino effect."

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Industry Insight

“We are not here to take the power from men and make it ours; we are here to balance out the status quo and ensure we all work in an environment where everyone is equal, regardless of gender, age, sexual identity and so on. The more we can instill these collaborative and positive values in our homes, in education and in the workplace, the more chances that our culture will also reflect them.” - Andreea Magdalina

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#35 - A Global Network For Women In The Music Industry - Andreea Magdalina

When we came across her organisation it was inspiring to see how it has gone global and how it has brought women around the world closer together. Each event is different and they cover a variety of topics. We all know that open discussions lead to change and Andreea is providing a safe place for women, and also men, to talk and change the music industry from within.



Five of the coolest work collectives for women

Based in LA and London, She Said So is a collective of women with active roles in the music industry. The aim? Topple stereotypes with initiatives like their Alternative Power 100 Music List, talks like ‘Health vs Hedonism’ and panel debates with the likes of Night Czar Amy Lame. 



Andreea Magdalina

“The idea of bringing together extraordinary women was on my mind a long time before shesaid.so came to life. It was a demoralization meeting in a very prestigious media holding in England. As the only woman in the room and the latest person, I felt my voice was not heard and intimidated. shesaid.so was born on the evening of this meeting.”



Meet Five Women Pioneering Europe's DIY Scene

“That’s why communities are called platforms, because they’re flat, not pyramidal, like corporates are – where there’s normally someone on the top who’s a he – and being flat makes you more transparent. That’s why shesaid.so is a Google group: you literally just send an email, there’s nothing else in-between it. We’re going back to individual voices, talking one-to-one.” - Georgia Taglietti 



9 to Know: January

She Said So “is a curated network of women with active roles in the music industry.” This organization has a strong focus on women working on the industry side of music with regular panels and social events through its local chapters in New York, Los Angeles, London and more.

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shesaid.so announces alternative power 100 music list

“Launched last year by Shesaid.so – a global network of women working in the music industry – the list aims ‘to challenge archaic industry practices’ and shine a light on ‘traditionally under-represented communities such as women, people of color, and LGBTQ’, as well as men who support these values.”



shesaid.so launches full-scale mentoring program for women

“Women-in-music network shesaid.so is expanding its she.grows mentoring program, after a successful pilot in 2017. The full program kicks off this summer, with 50 pairs of mentors and mentees starting to work together from September for six months.”