she.grows is our peer-to-peer mentoring program targeted at women in the music industry.

We strongly believe in the power of mentorship and paying it forward. Our community thrives with each of our members’ successes. If you grow, we grow. That’s why we developed she.grows - to encourage our members to share information and resources with one another.

As part of she.grows, participants commit to regular 1to1 meetings and or/phone calls for a pre-established period of time, as well as access to bespoke events, and resources and support via mentorship managers. Each edition of she.grows is different and aims to empower mentors and mentees alike.

We designed a mentorship model that is currently adopted by our partners worldwide and can easily be adopted by your company or initiative. If you’re interested in learning more about she.grows, please email us at



she.grows launched in 2017 with a 4-month pilot program that paired 42 women from various areas of the music business in London.

 The 21 resulting pairs were selected by a team of 6 industry leaders from Warner Music, Brits Diversity Committee, Boiler Room & Music Sales. The selection criteria included industry sector, professional compatibility, personal growth objectives and intersectionality.

As part of the program, the pairs benefited from monthly events curated by the she.grows team as well as bi-weekly individual meetups. The events included:

-    Launch event sponsored by Music Ally

-    Presentation on Self care in the creative industries from AMV BBDO

-    CV Workshop for mentees and applicants, with a Senior HR representative from Warner Music Group UK

-    Mental Health with Your Green Room


Some of our results:

  • 500+ applicants

  • Mentors/mentees scored their satisfaction with their pairing 7/10 on average

  • 94% said that they were able to communicate honestly and openly with their mentor/mentee

  • 78% would recommend the scheme to a friend or colleague

  • At least 2 mentees were supported and empowered into new positions in the industry over the course of the scheme.

  • Many of the pairs continued working together for the rest of 2018.

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If you grow, we grow.

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In 2018 we partnered with Sonos to launch she.grows 001, the first fully-fledged mentoring scheme featuring a total of 100 female-identifying industry executives from the UK and India as part of a 6-month program.

The 50 mentor/mentee pairs were selected from a range of 800+ applications from companies including Ninja Tune, Sony ATV, Cooking Vinyl, MPA Group, Kilimajaro, The Orchard, Deezer, Live Nation, Boiler Room, the FAC, Your Army PR, Universal Music, Sentric Music, Music Sales, Manners McDade, Imagem, MTV, AIM UK, Songkick, and Warner Music Group.

 As part of this year’s program, the mentoring pairs will automatically become members and will take part in monthly events curated by the she.grows team as well as individual mentor/mentee meetings. The scheme runs between September 2018 and May 2019.

The 2018 pairs include:

  • 40 pairs in the UK

  • 5 pairs in India - in collaboration with Wild City

  • 5 pairs worldwide - in collaboration with Sonos


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