"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive, and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."

- Maya Angelou




shesaid.so is a curated network of women with active roles in the music industry. Our vision is to create an environment that supports collaboration, creativity and positive values. 

Established in September 2014, shesaid.so has been active in the female empowerment space ever since. Our international community is diverse, comprising of female business owners or women holding medium to senior roles across all sectors of the industry - from tech to record labels, PR to management, and more. With headquarters in London and LA, the shesaid.so community continues to grow worldwide and develop an active membership through events and other projects in the Bay Area, NYC, Paris, Ibiza, Berlin and other key music cities around the world.

We curate and speak on panels aimed at promoting exceptional work by women in the music industry. We organize interactive events for our members and extended network, as well as showcases that shed a light on talented female artists and their representatives.

Since its beginnings in London, shesaid.so has become a place where members can openly ask for advice, share jobs and events and announce new projects. There are currently over 1700 members worldwide.


  • To break down gender stereotypes within the music industry by encouraging role models for future generations
  • To raise awareness of the gender gap and to ensure that women are aware that support is available to them throughout their career
  • To increase the profile of women who are making an impact in the music industry
  • To increase the number of women with active roles in the music industry across all its verticals

Board Members



Andreea Magdalina 

Founder & CEO, 



Sarah Klearman

Design & Creative


Georgia Taglietti

Head of PR & Communications, 

Sonar Festival





"Ways shesaid.so is helping me:

1.   “Wake up call” - stop thinking on how, when, to stand up and speak loud about how professional women are neglected in every organization of music industry I have been in since 1991.

2.  “Belonging” - I am not alone, there are many of us and we can help each other and we have a mission to improve the women world."

Celia Carrillo, Marketing Director Live Nation Spain | Member since May 2015


"I think being a part of this group is really helpful personally. Not only career-wise (making connections, seeing what jobs are out there, etc) but also in terms of confidence, inspiration and sharing some really great events, articles, films about women in this industry and other industries alike."

Karma Beltelsen,  Marketing & PR, PPL  |  Member since February 2015


"I'm a recent member, but have already had an enjoyable evening in Nashville with another SSSO member, met a record label person I would have missed meeting otherwise and have had some high quality responses to a job ad I put on the network. SSSO is great!"

- Caroline Bottomley, Company Director, Radar Music Videos  |  Member since September 2015


"I got about ten responses to a question I had regarding a sync contract - people from all over the world eager to help me out, which was really amazing. It’s so encouraging to know that there’s a whole community of enthusiastic, confident, kind women (who I’ve never met) bursting with ideas and skills, out there at my finger tips. I can’t wait to (hopefully) be able to return the favour sometime soon! "

Emma Finamore, Freelance journalist  |  Member since September 2015


"I feel like ssso is a great example of strength in numbers. I've always wanted to be part of something bigger than me, and in return create positive change in my immediate environment and in the process, hopefully, the world. The support and endless inspiration that comes from the ssso ladies has helped me shape a clearer view on how I can help create more opportunities in my own country."

- Eline Van Audenaerde, shesaid.so Belgium / The Unicorn Mothership  |  Member since December 2014