We built the first community of women in music that connects members from all industry sectors, worldwide.

Our members include a diverse pool of female-identifying music professionals who are decision makers in their fields, as well as promising young talent. We take pride in having built a safe and authentic space where all women and non-binary people in music are welcome. That's why each one of our members has been carefully curated to ensure all our members share our values and ethos, and actively participate in the community.

We value:

  • Collaboration

  • Diversity

  • Inclusion

What we do:

  • We are breaking down gender stereotypes within the music industry and create a diverse pool of role models for future generations

  • We are raising awareness of the gender gap and lobby for policy change that promotes gender equality, diversity and inclusion

  • We are enhancing the profile of accomplished women already making a mark in the industry

  • We are increasing the number of women across all industry sectors and levels, particularly in executive leadership and technical roles

How are we doing it:

  • We create and manage online communities that enable women in music to connect with each other to network, exchange information and get access to resources

  • We organize events that bring the members’ online connection to life worldwide

  • We produce creative content and other industry resources in order to inspire and educate

  • We host experiences that challenge the status quo and nurture discussions

  • We work with and help curate conferences and other industry events that are meaningful and inclusive

  • We are running 1to1 mentoring programs that bridge the gap between generations and offer tailored training for both mentors and mentees

The music industry is vastly dominated by men in a majority of sectors, and grows exponentially as you climb up the career ladder or in technical roles. According to recent studies, women make up 16% of all artists, 12% of all songwriters and 3% of all producers. On the business side, according the latest UK Music Diversity Survey, the proportion of young women entering the music industry is around 65% while the number drops significantly for women aged 35 and above. Women working at a major record label in the UK earn, on average, 33% less than their male counterparts.

Men are our allies

While the shesaidso online communities are women-only, our events are open to a mixed audience and our guests typically come from a variety of backgrounds. We are changing the music industry into a marketplace where all people have access to equal opportunity, treatment and pay.

Our commitment to women’s rights is a commitment to human rights.

Not only is gender equality a basic human right, but, according to UN Women, gender equality also has a positive impact on companies and workplaces, including:

  • Improved national productivity and economic growth

  • Increased organizational performance

  • Enhanced ability of companies to attract talent and retain employees

  • Enhanced organizational reputation

We believe the gender gap can be minimized if a series of improved policies are set in place across the industry to promote gender diversity and inclusion. Not only that, we work hard so that our projects and experiences inspire change at a deep cultural level. In an effort to be all-inclusive, we will refrain from proposing 50/50 ratio targets. Our ultimate goal is to create equal opportunity, representation and pay for all.

By committing to the shesaidso Gender Diversity Manifesto, you guarantee:

shesaidso Gender Diversity Manifesto

Equal pay

Equal parenting and caregiving

Equal opportunities in the music industry, both on a creative and business level.

Equal representation in all industry sectors, particularly senior and technical roles in order to ensure a diverse pool of role models.

Zero tolerance for sexual misconduct and/or harassment. Everyone deserves to feel safe.

To promote gender neutral language and offer sensitivity training to employees, staff and crew.